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Bari is the second largest city in southern Italy and you will find many of the biggest Italian brands when you walk through the picturesque little streets. Here I would like to tell you something about the surrounding city, which is a great place to scratch the itch of contemporary art of an art addict. Do not forget to visit the 10 incredible castles of Italy and, like most guides, you will find advice for visiting the old town of Bari. A big attraction of BarI is the old town with the large imposing church that stands in the middle. Continue reading, I suggest a visit to one of these beautiful ancient churches, the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Originally built in Byzantine style in the 11th century, it was destroyed and rebuilt in Romanesque style, making it one of the most beautiful buildings in Bari. The basilica was built to house the relics of Saint Nicholas, who according to tradition was stolen by pious sailors and then brought to Bari in 1087. The ancient building, inaugurated in 2016, is a witness to the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and his family.

Among other interesting museums is the Pinacoteca Corrado Giaquinto, where countless works of art by Italian masters are exhibited. The gallery has a large collection of works by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Giorgio Moroderini and Leonardo DiCaprio.

One of the best examples of preservation of history is the city of Matera, just outside Bari. Italian soil, hidden in one of the oldest inhabited places, was first colonized in 2000 BC and today houses some of the most important museums in Italy.

The other major town in the district is the railway station, built in 1875 and home to the Fiera del Levante, one of the largest fairs in Italy. Bari and the surrounding seaside city are also the scene of several major international exhibitions, presented by international museums, galleries, art galleries and other institutions such as the National Art Museum.

If you visit Bari during the first week and a half of May, you will be able to enjoy a culinary treat, and of course many of these events take place in the Basilica. If you're looking for something more organized in Bari and surroundings, here are some fantastic bar tours. The best way to enter the old town from Piazza Ferrarese, named after Stefano Fabri Fabbro, a Ferrara merchant who settled in Bari around the 17th century, is the most popular way to get into the old town and one of the best ways to get off. In Roman times it was the link between the coast and the Via Traiana road and is considered the main port of call for fishing.

Today Bari is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It is the perfect gateway to explore Puglia and is also underpinned by eclectic historical architecture.

Bari has the largest port on the Italian Adriatic coast and is, along with Naples, the most important economic center of the region, as it has numerous shipping routes. Bari is not only an important seaport in Italy, but also has a lot to offer from an industrial point of view.

In Italy, outside Bari, there are many of the largest steel mills in the world, such as those in Naples, Parma, Bologna, Rome and other major Italian cities. Regions and cities across Italy have their own cultural and culinary traditions, but fortunately Bari is no exception. Puglia prides itself on the best food in the country, just check out our list of some of our favourite Puglian dishes to make your mouth water. One, if not the best thing to take with you from a trip to Italy is knowing how to prepare regional dishes.

In the area of the old town there are about 30 ancient churches and basilicas built in different periods of Bari's history. Roman foundations, some of which were built by crypts, are hidden in the ancient city walls and in the old buildings of the city, such as the Basilica della Repubblica.

Medieval paintings adorn the walls of the museum, and the latest work by British artist and sculptor David Tremlett, who created murals from his drawings, tells of Bari's history and its history as a city of art. The Italian collector Fileri, who is said to be fascinated by jewelry and fascinated by jewelry. Students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari were also involved in the creation of this work. The artist allowed them to experiment with his unusual pastel techniques.

The Pinakothek Metropolitana is the best art gallery in the city and displays a wide range of art of all ages. This work is financially supported by the Museum of Fine Arts of Bari and the Italian Academy of Fine Arts.

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More About Bari