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Bari is the second largest city in southern Italy, and if you decide where to eat in Bari, you are in Italy. Perhaps the most famous dish from Bari is riso patate e cozze, a fried pastry stuffed with cheese and tomatoes. Street food is also popular in Bari, try some of the deep-fried pastries filled with cheese or tomatoes. You can find many great Italian brands walking through the picturesque little streets, but before deciding where to eat, you have to decide for yourself.

In Bari focaccia is often made with mashed potatoes and then topped with cheese, sometimes olives and sometimes even some tomato sauce. Cime Rapa isbe, the most typical dish from Puglia, made with homemade ear-shaped pasta. It is served with a small slice of mozzarella, which literally means "little ears" in Italian.

If you want to taste Bari properly, we serve orecchiette traditionally with a sauce made of beets. Tomatoes, oregano and onions make it a barese, and the sauce is typical of the streets of Bari.

Puglia's cuisine is not only a beautiful region, but also unique: cucina povera was born in Umbria II. Vegetarians can order antipasti dishes in restaurants, but the secondo (second main course), which is usually fish or meat, will not be missed. As you might expect, seafood plays a major role in this cuisine, such as cavatelli (stuffed tiella), stuffed peppers and stuffed peppers. In Bari there is a wide variety of food, with a wide variety of different types of seafood, from fish and meat to vegetables and herbs.

If you have a kitchen in your hotel in Bari, I strongly recommend you buy fresh pasta from the ladies and use it to cook your own dishes. If you are in Bari, you may want to learn more about buying food for a quick meal, such as the best gelatine in town. To help you, here are 3 places and some of my favorite gelatories to send you hunting for a place where you can eat in Bari.

One of the best things to take with you from a trip to Italy is knowing how to prepare regional dishes. A primer on eating habits in Italy can be found in our Do's and Don'ts guide to eating in Italy. Every region and city in Europe, and every region or city in Italy, tends to have its own unique cuisine, but fortunately Bari is no exception. The national cuisine of Bara is characterized by a rich and varied range of dishes and by its unique flavor profile.

In most of Italy you'll find olive oil, meat, cheese and pasta in the heart, but in Bari they're more varied than you've ever tasted before. Speaking of pasta, the most important thing to keep in mind is that eggs are an essential part of pasta in northern Italy. In Puglia, pasta is egg-free (which is common throughout northern Italy), and in Puglia and other regions of southern Italy, only semolina and water are used.

This is something that can be traced back to Mussolini's rule of Italy after World War I, but now Puglia and Bari, in particular, are finding their place in the food movement that is conquering the world.

It feels like a world away from northern Italy and France, but it depends on where you are in the country. Puglia has taken the place it deserves as one of the most important regions of Italy, not only for the wine produced, but also for its food.

Given the rich and creative cuisine of Puglia, it is difficult to choose only one recipe for the city itself, considering how many places there are to get an impression of the local cuisine. Don't get me wrong, there are some fine restaurants, especially in Bari, but if you want to enjoy a truly Puglian meal, you have to sit down and behave as if you were visiting your grandmother. If you have friends from Puglia visiting, the next best place to taste authentic and savoury dishes from Puglia is a Masseria. There is a wide selection of restaurants, many of which offer you the local cuisine, with excellent prices and service.

If you enjoy the most famous dishes of Puglia and Salento, you can also enjoy some of the other famous dishes of Bari, such as pasta and pizza. You will love this long pasta with spiral, which resembles the winding and swirling architecture of Lecce, especially when served in the traditional tomato and cheese sauce. The shape is perfect for gathering all the ingredients for which Bari is famous, making it the perfect accompaniment to pomegranate, as well as the added zest for life that the thick olives of Puglia give it.

I love the caciocavallo made at Masseria Ferri, but it is also delicious fried at the restaurant La Cecchina in Bari. In short, this dish from the famous Cucina Povera restaurant in the city centre will definitely make your taste buds richer and happier. While polenta is not as popular in Puglia as in other Italian regions, nobody can say no to SGAGLIOZZE (fried polenta). It is one of the most popular dishes in Puglia and one that is not easily forgotten.

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More About Bari