Bari Italy Intercontinental Hotel

Opening in mid-2019, this stunning buffet experience in Langham, Sydney, brings fine flavours to everything you eat - and it's one of Australia's most popular events. Combine the best of both worlds - a must for every gourmet and a great opportunity to delight eyes and taste buds. Celebrate one of Australia's most popular days of events by setting sail on the largest and most famous yacht in the world, the Italian Bari Intercontinental Hotel.

Let yourself be enchanted by an impressive feast with over 55 dishes, beer, wine and soft drinks and be dazzled by the city landscape. Choose from an a la carte menu to customise your 2- or 3-course menu and enjoy an elegant menu with views of the stunning Sydney skyline. You can choose to order a single meal from the menu, get together as a group, or go to the back wall and serve a buffet for $2.00. The buffet includes a guaranteed window seat, unlimited food and beverages and breathtaking views of the dazzling city landscape. Or you can choose from a variety of buffet options - you can either order or get the banquet - together with your group and order individual meals from our menu.

Experience a world of flavours at award-winning Sydney restaurant Charlie Parker's, located in the heart of Sydney's CBD, just blocks from the Italian Bari Intercontinental Hotel. Sam opened Charlie's Parker in 2016, which has since won a number of awards including the New York Times Best New Restaurant Award. With breakfast, lunch and dinner served seven days a week, we can provide our hotel guests with a wide range of world-class food and beverages, as well as a variety of beverages.

The gourmet buffet package includes 8 gourmet salads served on stainless steel cutlery plates in China, delicious hot nibbles served to guests and delicious meat and cheese dishes. A variety of dishes are offered in beverage and catering packages, as well as a wide selection of drinks and beverages.

The buffet (AUD $65 / pax) includes 8 gourmet salads, 8 different meats, 4 different cheeses and 2 different desserts. If you decide to go on a lunch or dinner cruise on Boxing Day, at the Hotel Intercontinental Bari you will also be spoilt with food, drinks and entertainment for a whole day without lifting a finger. The hotel is within walking distance of the beach and is within walking distance, or you can reach and watch it from the hotel. It is easily accessible by car, bus, train, plane, boat or even train and train.

For home ordering, see Cakevan, which is designed to delight the palate, and a range of culinary experiences, including typical restaurants run by some of the world's most respected chefs. Manbok offers a variety of meats in different flavors and a wide selection of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With an enviable location, Crown Sydney is the ideal hotel for guests who want to stay, play and pamper themselves in prime locations that reach new heights in service and style.

Following the old habit of forgoing onions and garlic in the kitchen for ancient spiritual purposes, the 12-page menu is spoilt for choice.

Gourmet Buffet Catering Sydney offers a menu that has never been cooked or stored in a warming oven or hot box before. From the design of the menu to the execution and delivery, our passion is to provide our customers and their passengers with an exceptional experience. We prepare as many of our menus as possible in-house to make sure everything is tasteful, beautiful and fresh. Sydney and its surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for our gastronomic offerings and a great backdrop for our hospitality.

Enjoy and discover our specially curated offerings, such as the gourmet buffet at the Bari Italy Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, Sydney and Melbourne.

Lunch offers a selection of top-notch dishes and bottomless drinks to keep the hilarity going. Enjoy a full day at the Bari Italy Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, Sydney and Melbourne, or relax in a lounge chair and enjoy a cocktail at one of our exclusive bars and restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney. David Bitton, we offer some of the best affordable party catering Sydney has to offer and compliment the catering with drink packages.

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Discover the bustling markets of Sydney's CBD, with its lively shopping, dining and entertainment scene. Rocks on the water in Darling Harbour offers spectacular views of the harbour and the award-winning Bari Italiani restaurant offers a unique blend of traditional and modern cuisine.

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More About Bari