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Electricity demand in Italy has fallen by 18% to its lowest level in more than a decade, and demand for residential property in the upscale segment is at an all-time low. In Italy, some of the most expensive residential properties in the world are located in the city of Bari, Italy.

If you are considering this direction, Italian house builders are at your side to help you. Otherwise, you should be sure to buy property in Italy. If you are buying a property and want to renovate it, this program may be worthwhile if you are not sure where to find a house in Italy. Abruzzo is one of the best places in the world to buy property outside Italy for one euro at this price, even if it is only an investment.

Find flights or book an Alitalia flight from Italy to Bari with your miles. If you are in Bari, we suggest you visit one of the best restaurants in Abruzzo, such as Focaccia Bologna or Pescara. You don't have to be Italian to melt away the first bite of focacia, but if you do as well as we did in Bara, you will.

More surprisingly, this region offers some of the most competitive prices in Italy and Europe. Italian villa at a very low price, you can only get one euro, although you end up with it for only a few hundred euros a month. Not to mention how easy it is to visit more southern Italy, from Bari to Puglia. While you will be much better off on the beach than in Bara, Puglia also has some great beaches, such as Pescara, Calabria, Bologna and Piacenza.

The property market has been modernised with 80% private sales and more than 200 properties are now being sold at half price. Some houses are really for sale for one euro and people keep flocking to buy them, some for just one euro.

Italian house hunters, you can help find an English speaking Italian who can give you good advice and even participate in the auction at your home. In any case, 2020 looks like a good year for the Italian real estate market. If you are considering buying property in Italy, we recommend you act now as we believe that the window of opportunity may close a little bit soon.

For more information on how Brenda can support your real estate needs with a lifestyle approach, visit her website at Having recently lived in Italy for four years, Brenda helps global clients looking to New York City plan their current and future real estate plans. We provide comprehensive and competitive services through our offices in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Rome. In our international real estate practice, our team of experienced bilingual Italian lawyers supports foreign clients who buy and sell real estate throughout the country.

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If you want to buy a cheap property in Italy, Abruzzo is probably your first choice. Bari is well connected with other parts of Italy by the Puglia line, not to mention an active port. It is the second largest city in the region after Naples, the largest city, but it is also home to the famous ancient city of Matera, which, just across the "Puglia" line from the southwest, is also one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists and locals.

This area, divided into Bari Vecchia and commissioned by Murat, King of Naples, is an architectural delight.

This is probably the most famous building of its kind in the world and one of the best examples of modern architecture in Italy.

Next door in Lombardy, for example, we have Piedmont, which is one of the most expensive properties in the country, with an average price of 80,000 euros per month. For overseas buyers looking for property for sale in Italy, Abruzzo is a great place to find a house worth 80,000 euros. Italy has a wide range of properties to suit every budget, from small town houses to luxury villas and even a few luxury apartments.

Lombardy comes in third, followed by Sicily and Liguria, with an average price of 80,000 euros per month. As I said, Abruzzo is a great place for overseas buyers who want to buy their house in Italy. The most famous regions - known for their low prices - include Piedmont, Calabria, Sicily, Puglia, Basilicata and Sicily. In addition to these regions, parts of Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily also have some of the lowest property prices in Italy, particularly at the lower end of this range.

The province of Bari is located in what has historically been called the "land of the Baris," but recently it has also been accepted as one of the most popular destinations in Italy for foreign buyers, especially in recent years.

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More About Bari