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Those who love a variety of flora should consider a visit to the Museo Orto Botanico, and those interested in winter sports will certainly appreciate the Palaghiaccio in Bari, where you can ice skate. Football fans will not be bored if they have their eye on the Stadio San Nicola, where their favourite match is played. The city of San Nicola attracts many visitors and is occasionally sold out, so visit Porto dei Porto for great views of the city and the peace and quiet it will bring you.

Three clubs entered the Championship for the first time in 1924-25, but FBC Bari was relegated and ceased to exist in 1927. The Liberty reached the southern semi-finals, losing to Alba and Roma, and the following season lost to Lazio, but were the only club to reach the southern Italian semi-finals. In 2015-16 they won their first Serie A title in their history and lost only once, in a 1-0 defeat to Juventus in front of a sold-out home crowd at the Stadio San Nicola. The following season, however, they lost 2-1 at home to Inter Milan and were relegated; the following season they moved to the San Nicola Stadium, which had been built during the 1990 World Cup.

Bari had the second largest economy in southern Italy and hardly needed a stadium of this size, but that changed in the 1990s. If 10 of the 12 stadiums used for the tournament could be upgraded, two more would need to be built. The organizers thought bigger means better and so they started building, which led right across northern Italy. The stadium was needed to make Bari a powerhouse of Italian football, and construction began in 1992.

San Nicola is the stadium where the 1997 Mediterranean Games were held, which can be considered a success. Bari, however, lacked the money to do so and considered converting it into a smaller version.

Today, the aging Nikolausstadion is mainly used for football matches and is the home of the Italian football club Juventus, founded in 1908. It was replaced by the modern Juventus Arena, but is now the oldest and most established football stadium in Bari and home to Juventus, a team from the Italian Football League (Serie A). The stadium was built to house and build a deli that would match the best supporting side for the club's home games.

Bari signed an Englishman named David Platt, Tomas Skuhravy came from Genoa, Oleksiy Mykhaylychenko moved to Sampdoria and FC Bari merged with US Ideale to form the Unione Sportiva dei Baris. The club was formerly known as FBC Liberty FC, the US Football League (USFL) club since its inception, but in 2009 F BC Liberty decided to change its name to FC BarI and use it for the first time in Serie A (Serie B).

Platt has set the bar very high in the south of Italy, not just for himself but for his club. The iconic image of Platt and Bari this season is the Englishman standing over the ball in the San Nicola penalty area. Life - the long BarI followers who traveled the peninsula to follow the Biancorossi were there to see Cassano's famous gate.

Bari, Italy, is also a seafood city, which has a menu of dishes such as pan-fried scallops and risotto. It is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and An absolute must for brilliant art and architecture from the inside out.

Following the example of many other Italian cities, Bari has created one of the most successful football clubs in Italy's history with its organised support. It was built for the 1990 World Cup, where it hosted five games, including the semi-final and final against the United States of America and the final. In the same season, positive results on and off the pitch helped them to promotion to Serie B, and it was they who narrowly missed out on promotion in 1982. It was the first time since 1921, when the country's main club left the FIGC, that there had been an official link between the city and its football club, Serie A club FBC Bologna. But it was not until the 1992 / 93 season that it became part of Serie C, with the F BC Liberty, the first team from the province of BarI to ever compete in an Italian football championship.

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