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The Succorpo della Cattedrale in Bari may not say anything, but there are some incredible places to see in and around it. If you are interested in this place, it is a must and you should get the latest tips for the city of Bari.

Surrounded by beautiful olive groves, the city is an ancient Italian city, made up of a mix of ancient and modern buildings and some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. While the southern destinations of Puglia often eclipse this stunning coastal city, Bari is one of the region's emerging - and coming - gems and an ideal place to stay. Vibrant Bara is the perfect place to explore the stunning Puglia region with its stunning beaches, picturesque views and good food.

Bari is part of the main railway network of FS, the national railway network of Italy, and connects Bari with other Italian destinations. It uses the main railway station of Bari Centrale and connects with the railway line that runs along the east coast from Rimini to Lecce.

Bari, Italy is the perfect base for exploring the nearby areas, and Lecce, the Golden City, is the best thing to do in Bari.

While we are still in the planning stage of our holiday in Bari - Puglia, the first thing we know is that we are in a very good beach area. So once we are here, we don't care what you see in Bari, but if you're not sure what it will be like, take a tour that takes you through Bara Vecchia, the Baroque and its old town. When you reach the beautiful Cathedral of St. Nicholas, you will discover the pretty narrow streets of the city centre. The Lungomare and Lungomares on the other side of Lecce, opposite the cathedral, as well as the old town are to be found.

The old town of Bari, Vecchia and Murat are essentially interconnected and merge. The most important 2 districts you will see will be the newly built zones and you will walk around.

For a pleasant walk we recommend the Nazario Sauro promenade, which offers a magnificent view of the sea of Bari. The New Town is the most popular tourist destination on the east coast of Italy and one of our favorite destinations. If you want to see more of Puglia on your trip to Bari on the east coast of Italy, take a look at our suggestions below. For those who have 3 or 4 days or more, you have the opportunity to plan a 4 day tour in Bara, Italy, with our guide.

This is a particularly convenient way to travel, as Bari railway station is just a short walk from the historic centre. If you are travelling to Puglia and do not stay in Bari, it is essential to check in at a hotel near Bara train station. From Rome, Bari Centrale can be reached in about four hours, from Naples in less than three hours.

If you have less time, you can visit the largest part of Bari Centrale, the historic center and Castelo de'Castelo in just a few hours. If you want to visit the Roman ruins, check it out, but if you spend a day in Bari, then you should definitely include the Castelo in the list of attractions. Some must - see places in Brindisi are Porto dei BrINDISI, Lungomare Regina and Margherita.

Considered one of the best attractions in Bari, you can visit the interior of a castle in just a few hours in the city centre or in Castelo de'Castelo.

The Palace Hotel is located in the heart of Baris Vecchia and is surrounded by the Basilica. In the heart of the city is the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, one of the oldest and most famous basilicas in Italy.

The Arco Basso is one of the fifty medieval corridors of its kind scattered throughout the historic centre of Bari. It is also called Quartiere di San Nicola and is the most traditional town in the city, with its medieval buildings, medieval alleys and medieval churches.

It is connected by frequent ferries that arrive and depart from the port of Bari, as well as the port of Bologna and Piazza di San Nicola.

Bari and the region of Puglia are a cultural and historical treasure that has not yet been fully discovered by travellers planning a typical trip to Italy. Not to mention how easy it is to visit other parts of southern Italy via Bari and Puglia. The following places you must visit when visiting Puglia to experience the true essence of this granary of Italy, and this small Italian town must be explored to feel the real Puglia. Baris is the largest city in the region and although it has a lot to offer, you should visit the following place outside the city to get a better idea of how it behaves when visiting Puglia, as well as to experience some of the best restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and restaurants in this small town.

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More About Bari